Catholic Church Investigating Two Nuns Who Came Back Pregnant From A Missionary

Two nuns are being investigated by the Catholic Church after they returned from a missionary pregnant. One of the nuns, a 34 years old woman complaining of severe stomach pain went to the hospital, and found out that she is pregnant. The second nun listed as caring for the elderly in Southeastern city of Ispica, Ragusa also reported that she is pregnant. Both nuns were sent by order from Sicily to their home countries in Africa. News quickly circulated of the two nuns being pregnant, and mayor Salvatore Riotta of Militello Rosmarino had this to say:

There is regret for what happened. Our community of 1,200 inhabitants is baffled by the way some have treated the news, not as secretly as it should have been.

According to the mayor- one of the nun he knows he claims had taken her vows less than a year ago. Since the news of both nuns returning from their mission pregnant- one nun reportedly has relocated to a different order Palermo. While the second nun who is listed as being one month pregnant has been sent back home to Madagascar. This news places yet another scar on the Catholic Church that has faced charges against their priest and bishops allegedly on sexually assaulting minors.

From Independent:

Pope Francis earlier this year admitted for the first time that the Catholic Church has an ongoing issue with priests and even bishops sexually abusing nuns. There is no information around whether the nuns were abused in this case.