CDC’s Latest Move Draws Line Making Room For Stigma


The Centre for Disease Control(CDC) and Prevention ignorantly has come out and said those who have been vaccinated can take off their mask when they are outside. One, this creates a stigma against those who selected not to be vaccinated out of fears of the lottery risk of being injected with a rushed formula that has proven its ability to take someone’s life than protect the person.

Secondly, telling people who have been vaccinated they can take off their mask creates the room for those who hate wearing the mask to take it off and say they have been vaccinated. Director Rochelle Wlaensky’s statement took no sensitivity in how it can affect those who have chosen not to take the risky COVID-19 experimental vaccines. Rochelle Walensky said:

“If you are vaccinated, things are much safer for you,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday at a White House briefing. “If you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering — with people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated — or dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households, the science shows you can do so safely, unmasked.”

Walensky displayed the limits of the COVID-19 vaccine with a strong side of precaution for the those who have been vaccinated saying:

We continue to recommend masking in crowded outdoor settings and venues such as packed stadiums and concerts where there is decreased ability to maintain physical distance and where many unvaccinated people may also be present. We will continue to recommend this until widespread vaccination is achieved.

Are vaccines not suppose to have its powers to protect against that specific agent its designed to protect against without there being the fear of that agent entering the body and causing damage. It sure sounds like from Walensky’s above statement that there is not guarantee on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines. This is why in some small circles the COVID-19 vaccines have been called an experimental vaccine. Mainstream media has pushed it as the ultimate cure to destroy COVID-19.