Chris Brown Has Yard Sale On His Second Hand High End Clothing

Chris Brown is just crazy.  The everyday person respects their privacy, and refuses to divulge information as to where they live to strangers- but not Chris. As a celebrity, giving out his address to the public is the last thing one would suspect Chris Brown would do given the crazies in our world today. It doesn’t make sense to us as to why Chris would have a yard sale on his second hand clothes at his house. We can only assume he did this for attention knowing very well it would make the news.

Chris’ yard sale featured discounted prices on high end name brand clothing. Its not clear as to why Chris who is a millionaire many times over wouldn’t just donate the clothing instead of selling them. I would think this kind of action in a yard sale to outsiders as least is seen as tacky. From Time:

The crowd of hundreds began gathering late Tuesday for the yard sale, who were joined Wednesday by news trucks documenting the scene and news helicopters hovering overhead.

A long line that stretched down the sidewalk for several blocks ended at a driveway filled with large canvas canopies shading rows of clothes.

Some said they had driven from as far away as Arizona and didn’t care what they walked away with as long as it belonged to Brown.

Reportedly, authorities were trying to put a stop to Chris’ yard sale even before it started. The once in a life-time opportunity for most went off without any cray problems.