Cliff Diving Friends Into Sea Get Swept Away To Their Deaths

sea drowning

It was a situation that could have been avoided, but as in many situations- the high risk of death is not enough to scare dare devils away. It was a moment that was suppose to be thrilling where everyone was expecting to walk away alive, but ended up being a horrific scene to watch which ended in tears and complete shock and sadness.

Sea Drowning

A  30 years old man, Daniil Gagarin went to some cliffs  La Zorra cove  accompanied by his wife, Darya Gagarina. Also with them was fitness trainer Emma Mönkkönen. As Mönkkönen, 24 is seen jumping off the cliff in the challenging sea, she is immediately met with a battle for her life. She can be seen battling for her life as the strong waves came rushing in and out. Gargarin can be seen jumping into high waves in an attempt to rescue Mönkkönen, and at one point it looked promising.

Couple Swept Out To Sea

However, the current of the waves were just too aggressive and strong for the two of them. As the sea waters rushed in and out, Mönkkönen and Gargarin struggled to maintain a grip of the rugged edge of the cliff rock. The two disappeared from the rigged area of the cliff they were holding onto as waters rushed in and washed them out to sea.