CNN Hides Audience Numbers For Biden Town Hall


Pictures say a thousand words, and CNN knows that so they hid it from you. See the empty seats at President Joe Biden’s recent town hall with the station. If that was former president Donald Trump, the station would be glorifying over the moment. The town hall with Biden was a dud-which was hosted emotional news anchor Don Lemon. The highly publicized town hall was presented like a packed event with addressing issues from eager Americans looking to get their concerns answered. CNN deceived their viewers leading them to believe they had a jam packed town hall with Biden.

Why is it that people who don’t have a great explanation for something first start of by complimenting you. See President Biden below using that tactic on Lemon who stupidly fell for it. Grabien media founder Tom Elliot observing Biden’s town hall with CNN said the president was crushing it; a sarcastic remark as Biden struggled to answering questions…

Others took jabs at Lemon’s


Don Lemon Bashing on Twitter

Lemon is known to frequently provide his opinions when reporting news to his viewers. A move that is done to influence or manipulate viewers. The yappy news anchor just last night on his graveyard shift spouted his opinions at viewers again. Saying that anyone who doesn’t have the covid vaccine should lose their jobs, not be allowed in restaurants and other public settings.

The covid vaccine is known to cause a negative effects on some individual. There has been cases of people falling extremely ill and ending up in the hospital- and other cases where people have died. The government refuses to take responsibilities for those deaths. Biden has even gone so far in providing lies to the American people in saying that anyone who gets the vaccine will not get covid.

The reality is, vaccinated individuals can still get covid, and this has been proven. Some doctors say those death rates are in the low percentage- and see those fatalities as a minor hiccup for the higher percentage of people that are okay. Lemon as a news journalist seem to agree with those doctors in his opinions saying that people should lose their jobs and lively hoods if they refuse to get the vaccine. The loud mouth news anchor never voices the reality in the possible negative effects of the vaccine some individuals may experience.

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