CNN’s Sara Snider Breaks Down In Tears In Witnessing Hospitals Overwhelmed With COVID-19 Patients

CNN's Sara Snider crying

The Coronavirus pandemic is still striking down lives. Lock-downs are still in effect just about everywhere you go, and still many are not taking the virus seriously. And, with the selfish behaviors in many gathering together around the holidays- there sits one of the major primary reasons why COVID-19 infection and death tolls are not decreasing.

CNN’s Sara Snider on the battle ground seeing the front line work of doctors trying their best to care for patients with COVID-19 could not help but break down at the losing battle against COVID-19. Snider losing her composure at the  3:42 mark.

Doctors have repeatedly said cases of the infected are often situations they see as avoidable to not contract the virus. People who are not wearing a face mask. People who are attending parties. Hosting parties or attending events with family are all things doctors have warned against.

Many people have been stubborn and refuse to heed warnings to protect themselves against COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are many people who also believe COVID-19 is a government hoax job. Then, to only find out how real COVID-19 is once they are laying in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

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