Couple Spend $120,000 Put In Their Bank Account; Now Facing Prison Time

If you one day wake up to find $100,000 or thousands in your account, don’t spend it if it’s not yours. The bank may have made the mistake in giving you the money, but you will be punish to the extent of the law for spending what is not yours. A Pennsylvania couple, Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montourville received $120,000 deposited into their bank account, and instead of calling the bank to say that money doesn’t belong to them…the couple went out on a shopping spree with the dough.

They spent the money as if they had just won the lottery. When the bank found out their error and contacted the couple for the money back….Williams told the bank that she had already spent the money. She says that she gave $15,000 to friends. She paid off bills, and she use some of the money towards car repairs. The spending didn’t stop there.

The couple bought themselves a new race car, a camper, a car trailer, and an SUV and more according to court documents. Despite them pending money that didn’t belong to them- the bank was reasonable at first with the couple in agreeing to a payment plan. Legal action was only taken against the couple after they stopped making payments, and refused to answer calls from the bank. The bank, BB&T reported the incident to authorities, and the couple were arrested and facing felony theft charges. The made their first court appearance and was released on a total bail of $50,000; $25,000 each.

Investigated reports state that a bank teller made the error in depositing the money into the wrong account.  The monies were intended to go to a business account. The coupe now have an over-drafted amount of $107, 400 in their account. The bank did credit the correct account the money was suppose to go to, so that client was not out $120,000. Learn from the Williams story. Don’t spend a windfall of money that lands into your account and you know it’s not yours.