Detroit Police Officer Runs Down Protesters Standing In Front Of SUV

Detroit Police run over protesters

It’s a scene that continues to display the lack of education in today’s police officers. The men and women who are suppose to uphold our law consistently display incompetence in de-escalating situations. Despite the ongoing protest regarding racism, and injustice by the hands of police officers in terminating life- below is yet another police officer committing crime. The shocker, Detroit police chief, James Craig is supporting the officers in the ramming and knocked down of protesters in saying his officers feared for their safety.

Craig says the officer’s rear window of their cruiser was smashed prior to them hearing a loud banging noise. This was enough in the mind and eye of the police chief for his officers to run down the protesters who are being called. Building his case for his officers’ actions- Craig builds his case in saying:

There was information that officers reported several of the protesters were armed with hammers.” Craig couldn’t point out how many protesters were allegedly armed with hammers.

After plowing through most of the protesters, the police officer driving the cruise reportedly topped speeds of 25mph with some protesters on the hood off the cruisers. Outrage over the incident has been mounting. Check out the video below…tell us what you would have done.

I thought of two things I would have done instead of ramming the protester. One, I would have called for back-up. And, two- I would have waited out the situation until way is made for me to pass through. Threat of aggression would only come if my life was in danger. The officers are claiming this. We don’t see this- but according to the police chief this threat on his officers was happening behind the cruiser. Police are not really trust worthy professionals of late…so we will hold on checking marking this as a past for the officer driving the cruiser to plow through people.