Do You Believe That George Floyd Changed The World For A Better Place For Black People?

George Floyd Memorial

It is a big statement to say that George Floyd’s case will change the world. Because, to say that would mean that there would be no more gunning down of unarmed black men by police. It would mean the elimination of unjust police brutality against black people.

It seems like such a dream to believe that because a police officer has been found guilty of murdering a black man in an unjust situation that America and the world will instantly place black on equal grounds to white people. Biden commenting on the case said:

“A murder in the full light of day” that “ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see systemic racism.”

Biden also reportedly said that Floyd’s passing will bring change to the world. Quite the comment to make with so many trigger happy police officers in America. Already there are questions surrounding an Ohio police officer who shot to death a 16 years old girl who was running at another girl a knife. The officer never engaged in alternative methods such as a Taser of pepper spray to subdue the teenage girl.