Doctor Reports Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Had Romantic Affair With Her Husband

Someone apparently forgot to remind Ilhan Omar to clean out the skeletons in her closet. Omar known for her political swipes at President Donald Trump is in some hot water of scandals. Omar(37), a democratic representative in the Minnesota House Of Representative stands out in the spotlight for her political attacks on Trump. She is more known for her attacks on Trump than what she stands for politically. One can easily assume that it is Omar’s attacks on Trump which has created some serious digging into her personal life that is now playing out on the world stage.

A Denver, Colorado doctor, Beth Mynett revealed in a court filing for a divorce from her husband(Tim Mynett) that their separation in April 2019 came about due to her husband confessing to a romantic affair with Omar. 38 years old Tim Mynett reportedly was no longer committed to his wife. Mr Mynett reportedly sees no path in repairing his marriage despite his wife’s efforts to work pass his alleged infidelities with Omar.

Mrs Mynett says in divorce documents that her husband declared his love for Omar. Mr Mynett reportedly has moved out of the home he had with his wife.

Mr Mynett who is a political consultant is said to have been paid upwards of $230,000 for fundraising consulting, internet advertising, digital communications along with travel expenses allegedly from Omar’s political team.

Talks spinning of Omar being the other woman, and the mistress with mounting talks of her being a home wrecker is not the only trouble Omar will face politically. Allegedly, Omar claimed to have paid $13,000 in travel expenses for Mr Mynett all in the name of business.

But, Mrs Mynett reportedly says that her husband only traveled with Omar for romantic excursions. Omar may face some serious consequences politically if all this turns out to be true. And, with Trump in the White House- Omar should be crapping her panties. Trump is not a fan of Omar, and we have seen the relentlessness attacks, and destruction he fires at his political opponents until they are nothing. Omar has come out denying having an affair with Mynett, but only time will tell if that is enough to squash the reports. She was asked about the alleged affair with Mr Mynett but she refused to answer, saying:

I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue, and so I have no desire to discuss it.

Omar is currently reportedly separated from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi whom she has 3 children with. Reports are that Omar moved out of the home she had with her husband and children. She is now said to be living in a luxury one bedroom penthouse suite apartment in Minneapolis.

Talks are that she is living alone. Ilhan Omar says that her private life is her private life. Is she right to say this though as a political figure? Infidelity does come down to the principle and respect one has for his or herself.

Omar is a politician, and as we know them to be is that they promise for a better day. We know politicians often lie at different levels. If Ilhan Omar did have an affair with a married man-can the public trust her to work for them?