Donald Trump Runs Back To White House Despite Still Having Coronavirus; Struggles Breathing

President Trump removing mask

Don’t you dare tell President Donald Trump that Coronavirus is bigger than him, because he is working hard to show the disease who is bigger. Trump was tested positive for Coronavirus, and was taken to a military hospital, but just days later he was released while still having the virus.

And, it appears the President has learned nothing as he takes off his mask in trying to display resiliency. It is apparent though that the virus is powerful than the President himself as it displays its might by making it difficult for the president to breath. Trump took more than several deep breaths that one would have thought he was preparing to go under water. It is quite sad. Over 200,000 Americans have lost their lives, and the President who is no inected himself from the virus- still fails to take the disease seriously as he removed his mask.


The act by the president removing his mask is quite something. Here you have a president that vowed in oath to protect the country, but yet he is out placing many at risk of contracting COVID-19. He is still contagious, but yet he leaves the hospital and takes off his mask reportedly with several aides close by.