Don’t Vape! Vaping Kills Just Like Cigarettes Even Worse

Vaping kills just like cigarettes, and it looks like faster than cigarettes. Six people have died from lung disease related to vaping. If you think Vaping is the better way to go over smoking, you are dead wrong, literally. Vaping was produced to be the better way to go in relation to smoking cigarettes. It was seen as the model in weening someone who is addicted to smoking off of the bad habit.

But, now vaping is shown to be just as deadly as cigarette smoking. It can cost you your life. The different flavors may smell nice, but vaping has been proven to be a lung killer. Vaping has seen more than 450 cases of lung deterioration said to be associated to vaping. 18 years old Simah Herman was one of the lucky ones to survive from vaping. Herman had this to say of her experience from vaping that almost killed her:

It took two days for my lungs to fail. I almost died. I didn’t think of myself as a smoker. Vaping just makes it seem like its nothing. Like your doing nothing wrong. Ask for a pen an paper, because that was the only way I could communicate. And, I wrote I want to start a no vaping campaign. That was the first thing I did when I opened my eyes.

One of the take away points of this story is to know what your child is doing. Put on your investigative hat on. Know where they may hide things from you. It may save their lives in you finding things out in what they are doing before someone tells you or even worse, a declining health issue of your child tells you. The dangers of vaping is so deadly that it’s being called a national health crisis.