Fake COVID Vaccine: Thousands In India Injected With Salt Water Instead Of COVID Vaccine

Coronavirus vaccinations in India

India is going through another drama around the COVID pandemic. 14 people have been arrested in a scheme that saw thousands of people being injected with saline solution(mixture of salt and water) instead of the coronavirus vaccine. If your thoughts are that this is a bunch of common individuals up to no good banding together…think again.

It is doctors, professionals, and owners of a Shivam hospital in Mumbai who were involved in the COVID scheme. The scheme saw thousands of people being injected with saline occurred at twelve vaccination sites at Mumbai and Bengal over a few months. A running COVID vaccination scheme came to surface after people began to wonder why there were no certification of them receiving the vaccination after done so. Checking online through the government portal displayed no proof of their vaccination.

It’s unheard of that someone is paying for their COVID vaccination- but this is just what thousands of recipients were doing. Paying. Just this alone should have been a red flag. It’s unclear why individuals proceeded in paying for a vaccination that is known world-wide to be free of cost. h

The fraudsters charged recipients between $10 and $17 for the fake Coronavirus vaccines. Authorities have recovered almost $30,000 in cash during their investigation. Criminal conspiracy, forgery, and cheating have all been charges laid against all those arrested so far. Fake vaccinations are on the rise in India, so one must do their due diligence before having any professional inject them with anything.

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