Father Reports Uber Driver He Says He Caught Raping His Daughter

The story of a father reportedly saying he caught an Uber driver raping his daughter seems murky here. Then the driver got away!?  Can you really catch someone raping another, and then that person has enough time to escape ? Anyways, whether it’s rape or sexual assault, it’s all disturbing accusations against a ride sharing company. The disturbing cases continue to come in about creepy Uber drivers, and mounting sexual assault cases and reports. Like with everything else, low quality and standards typically provide problematic situations. An Uber driver has been arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in the back seat of his car after she made a request for a ride. The 25 year old woman’s father said he caught the Uber driver raping his daughter.

The father claims he tracked his daughter through an location tracking application on his phone linking to her phone, arrived to her location and found the disturbing, and disgusting scene. The Uber driver was all over his daughter in the back seat of the car sexually assaulting her. The father claims the Uber driver threw his daughter’s bag at him, jumped to the front seat of his car and drove off. All this after he and the Uber driver exchanged words. The Uber driver has been identified according to police, but they are withholding his name at this time. The driver could face second degree rape charges. Baltimore County Police said this of the situation:

This is a very serious allegations. The father of the victim called police and the victim is cooperating with police.

In response to another one of their employees being arrested for sexual assault, Uber said this in response to this case:

“This is an on-going investigation. Uber has worked closely with our detectives in this matter. We will release more information as the investigation progresses but it is vital at this time to withhold specific details to allow our detectives to continue their investigation.”

This is yet another scar on Uber, and other ride sharing services, placing them as highly unsafe compared to city licensed taxi’s. Uber reportedly has 100 cases and counting of sexual assault against its drivers. The situation is sad all around. The daughter has to live with the scar of being raped and learning how to cope and overcome. As well, the woman’s father has to live with memories of seeing the Uber driver raping his daughter.