Four Males Arrested In Attack On Lesbian Women Are Mostly Teenagers

British authorities say four males have been arrested in the vicious attack on two lesbian. The brutal attack on 28 years old Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris occurred hours after midnight. The two ladies were riding on a double-decker bus in London-England when four males began harassing them which ended in them being beaten up badly.

The demanded Geymonat and her girlfriend, Chris kiss each other in front of them. When they two refused, things escalated from there with both women ending up with bloodied faces. Both women were taken to a hospital for treatment as a result. Geymonat says she and her girlfriend may have displayed affection to each other earlier that may have prompted interest in the men’s desire in seeing them kiss. British authorities say the attack on the women was a homophobic attack, but the men’s actions contradict this. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan quickly jumped at the chance of calling the attack on the two women as homophobic, saying:

Hate crimes against LGBT+ people will not be tolerated in London. The metpoliceuk are investigating. If you have any information about this call 101 to report.

Khan is Muslim. It would not be surprising if the political system pressuring him to call the attack homophobic. However the men according to Geymonat wanted to see her kiss her girlfriend. They were also intrigued in hearing stories from Geymonant of her bedroom actions with her girlfriend. Demanding two lesbian couples to get intimate is far from one being homophobic. Interestingly, the men ranging from ages 15-18 were arrested on aggravated grievous bodily harm, and and suspicion of robbery. Notice that in addition to those charges there is no inclusion in the men being charged on hate crime.