History Made With Black Canadian Doctor Having A Barbie Created Looking Like Her

Toronto doctor with own barbie doll

We are told by what is plastered all over the mainstream media, magazines, fashion run-ways and in our children’s dolls that black is not beauty. Well, now- recognition of black beauty attached with height of great accomplishment by a person of color has being created in that of a barbie doll that is the likeness of Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa. From Yahoo!

Having this Barbie represent being a Black female doctor really is such an inspiring story that I believe is going to really resonate with a lot of young girls everywhere

I think that representation and diversity, and inclusivity, are absolutely imperative because I believe in the mantra that if you see something then you can believe that you can actually achieve it

I know growing up myself, I did not necessarily have a Barbie that was with my skin tone, with my hair texture, becoming a doctor… I imagined that the Barbie was Black and had my kind of hair and was becoming a doctor

It’s a pretty big deal for a black woman and a professional woman with a prestige career often associated to Caucasians to have a barbie doll made looking like her. This can lead to positive effects on young black girl in having her believe in the possibilities of high success.