Hospital Healthcare Assistant Arrested, Sentenced To Prison For Purchasing Items With Dead Patient’s Bank Card

Nurse stealing bank card

An 83 years old woman dies in the hospital, but a healthcare worker robbing the patient was not out of the picture. The family of the deceased senior was on the hunt for their loved one’s bank card after noticing it missing from her belongings. Birmingham’s Heartland Hospital security systems caught Ayesha Basharat on camera making purchases from the hospital’s vending machine with the deceased bank card.

What made things more upsetting for the family is that their 83 years old family member died from COVID. The same department Basharat worked from. Basharat who was more close to base in that being the same department the woman died had no issue with robbing the woman. She help herself to sweets, fizzy drinks and other items with the deceased woman’s bank card.

Basharat was on shift when police arrested her, and she was still in possession of the deceased woman’s bank card. She claims to not know she was spending money from the dead woman’s bank card. Basharat says she found the bank card on the floor and got it mixed up with her bank card- and began using it thinking it was her card she was using.

Brought before a court. it was heard that the dead woman’s card is a different color to that of Basharat’s card. So, she had to have known what she was doing, and that is stealing money off a dead woman’s bank card. Basharat actions also came under scrutiny when it came to hospital protocol as lost items are found.

A sentenced of 4 months in prison, and reportedly an 18 month suspension off the job was handed down to the healthcare worker. Luckily for her there was an over-turn in the case and Basharat will not be serving prison time after all. She did however admit to theft, fraud and false misrepresentation at court.

This was an abhorrent breach of trust and distressing for the victim’s family.