llhan Omar Caught In Marriage To Her Brother ?

If we didn’t know anything else…we would assume that llhan Omar was elected to bring down President Donald Trump. Omar became a public light from her consistent going at Trump over his unprofessional-ism as a president along with his insults, racist behaviors and his policies she doesn’t agree with. Trump is no doubt a controversial president nothing like ever seen before, but is Omar’s attacks on Trump wise. There has been reports of Omar having an affair with a married man, and living in an upscale one bedroom condo away from her husband and kids. Reports are that she is separated from her husband.

Allegedly, Omar’s husband is the one caring for her kids. Omar’s attacks on Trump would make her alleged skeletons falling out of her closet to make her vulnerable to Trump’s attacks. And, we all know that Trump holds no line in how far he will go to attack someone verbally. Omar appears to not care as she continues to drive her position on Trump- essentially calling him incompetent as she expresses her support for his impeachment.

The spotlight has been heating up on Omar’s personal life since her attacks on Trump. Omar, a congressional representative for Minnesota’s 5th district has long been accused of marrying her brother. Reportedly she has denied this, but information saying otherwise continues to surface showing the opposite. Now, Omar is being accused by an Imam of not telling the truth of who her husband really is:

The Imam claims to have took a screen shot of Omar’s words on Twitter below before she could take down the tweet. He is seemingly claiming that Omar’s 2013 tweet below displays proof she married her brother. 


It’s said that: In Somalia, one’s name is normally a first name, the father’s name, and then the grandfather’s name. Omar on her impeachment mission of Trump recently had this to say:

It’s not if we are going to impeach this president, it’s when,” she said, adding that she thinks it’s important that Americans are fully informed on the “crimes and misdemeanors” believed to have been committed by the president so they can understand why he should face removal from office