Man Poisons His Friend’s Coffee After She Refuses To Buy Video Game For Him

Woman poisoned with coffee

How well do you know you friends? Forget that, how much do you trust your friend. I have always warned some special people in my life of this because of the way they move with “friends.” 66 years old Denise Smith is lucky to be alive today after having her coffee poisoned by her friend with a letha series of cocktail in drugs.

Man who poisoned woman's coffee

Smith’s friend, Christopher Connolly(29 years old; above) dropped a bunch of painkillers, pills for sleeping disorders, and antidepressant pills in her coffee. Smith was rushed to the hospital after becoming sick, and spent two days there. Connolly later confessed to police to lacing his friend’s coffee. All this because Connolly wanted a Playstation video game for his birthday, which Smith refused to purchase. Connolly has pleaded guilty to severe bodily harm, and is set to do four years in prison for his actions.

He was a lost young man – all I ever tried to do was help him out. His excuse for poisoning me was that I couldn’t afford to get him the birthday present that he wanted, but I had no money as I’d just moved house so there was no way I could. He was bitter because I hadn’t been able to get him the PlayStation game that asked for. His revenge was to drug my coffee, knowing full well as most of my mates do, I have at least 10 cups a day.

I was in a permanent state of groggy confusion for the weeks he was drugging me, it got worse and worse until I was bed-bound. He kept saying I wasn’t to worry as he was there to take care of me. But he could have killed me. My memory is damaged now for life, I have insomnia and dreadful flashbacks. It makes me sick to think of what he did to me. He was supposed to be my best friend.’

And, you thought it was the clubs and bars you are to never leave your drinks unattended.