Neighbor’s Camera Surveillance Captures Woman Running For Help From Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

We often hear of that horrifying moment in a women’s life where she feared for her life from that crazy, psycho boyfriend. Well, we got a clear view on such an occurrence happening to a California woman who ran to her next door neighbor in fear of her boyfriend. The California woman looking for help from her abusive ex-boyfriend ran to her next door neighbor for help, but unfortunately was not rescued.

However, a surveillance video system by Ring captured the terrifying moment as the woman’s ex-boyfriend is seen dragging her from her neighbor’s door front by her hand. Despite us knowing the reality of these crimes which occur onto women so often by boyfriend’s and their ex-partners, the Sunday night incident which occurred at 11:40pm was still shockingly scary.

Just seeing the woman run to her next door neighbor as she began screaming and knocking on the door repeatedly for help as her boyfriend caught up to her dragging her away was heartbreaking. The neighbor police say turned the video evidence over to them. Police searched the area, and found 27 year old Robert Michael Mendez, and the woman inside a home. Mendez was arrested on several charges with one of them being attempted murder. Police list the woman in having serious injuries, but never did state what those injuries were.