Ortiz’s Assassination Attempt Was Highly Organized; Shooter Arrested Along With Others

Details continue to pour in on the alleged attempted assignation of former professional baseball player David Ortiz. Ortiz’s assassins didn’t come down to one planner and one killer him as it was originally reported. According to new details- half a dozen men were involved. They arrived to the bar and pub style venue in cars and on motorcycle to carry out the killing of Ortiz as he sat in a chair. 25 year old Rolfi Ferreira Cruz is said to be the one who fired the shot that hit Ortiz in his lower back. A payment of $8,000 is reported to have been paid for to kill Ortiz.

Cruz is now in the custody along with six other individuals. A drug lord is at the center of the case who is said to have ordered the assignation of Ortiz. The unknown drug lord believed Ortiz was having an affair with his wife. Ortiz told doctors he was a good man and not to let him die. The MLB legend’s words were heard as he was rushed for emergency surgery.

The heavily floated news of an affair involving a drug lord’s wife clearly is not sitting with Dominican authorities. People of color have long noticed that it’s always your own people who hurt you the most. The shooting of Ortiz is yet even more reason that it’s indeed your own people who are out to get you more than any other person of color. Ortiz reportedly has taken his first steps in walking on his own, and is still healing from his wounds.

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