Popeyes’ Employees Jump Their Co-Worker Selling Chicken Sandwich On The Side

Popeyes’ employees lost it on one of their co-worker after noticing that the person was selling the company’s famous chicken sandwich for a profit. We don’t know what is in Popeyes’ chicken sandwich, but the reality is: someone has died. Customers have physically fought over the sandwich, and now this; Popeyes’ staff selling the food chain’s famous chicken sandwich under the table for a profit. All this since the release of their chicken sandwich.

Reportedly- hell broke loose after an Popeyes’ employee was caught selling Popeyes famous chicken sandwiches out the back door of the restaurant. It didn’t take long before all the professionalism and standards expected of the staff to fly out the door along with the chicken sandwiches. The brawl quickly erupted with one staff swinging at the head of another staff with a frying pan. Then, there are the profanities. The staff were cursing like sailors-and as if they were in the privacy of their homes. There were no consideration for customers’ safety nor respect for customers…

From Daily Mail:

A male and female worker are seen behind him physically fighting, as someone is heard saying: ‘This is beyond me, I’m flabbergasted.’

Meanwhile, police in Columbia, Tennessee, are investigating footage that appears to show a woman being body slammed to the ground outside Popeyes.

The video, which has been viewed almost 300,000 on one website, appears to show people chasing an elderly woman outside an outlet.