Quebec, Canadians Beat Up Police Officers Over Shutting Down Their COVID-19 Violation Party

Quebec police at new years party

People are still not listening. No parties amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been ordered. However, the selfish actions of people having parties creating a potential super spreader event went down in in Quebec, Canada. Police officers in Quebec  showed up to a house with called in reports saying a home-owner was having a party. Given that we are in a pandemic, a party is a no, no and fines are being handed out like candy in Canada for anyone disobeying the social distancing law in place.

The home-owner of the home the cops arrived at allegedly told cops that only several people was in the home. But, the cops saw more cars on the property out-numbering the said several guest told to them that is in the house. Eventually, cops saw what was indeed a party going on inside the house, and then it was on.

A brawl began with the cops as some guest assaulted several officers. Mean-while the home-owner says the cops use excessive force. No such evidence has yet to come forward as yet. It is though expected that all guest at  attending the party will be fined- and the owner as well for hosting the a party.

Spotted over at TMZ: