Rapper Bun B Shoots Home Intruder Looking To Rob Him

bun b and wife

A home intruder at rap icon Bun B’s home was met with his match after his arrival at the rapper’s house. A gun to gun match up. Bun B’s wife responded to the door bell in the evening hour, and reportedly opened the door without looking to see who it was, and as she opened the door she was held at gun point. The suspect wearing a mask demanded valuables to Bun B’s wife while pushing his way into their home. She convinced the suspect to take their luxury Audi in the garage-which worked.

Bun B overhearing the ruckus, ran and grabbed his gun and quickly confronted the suspect in the garage where he was stealing the car with gun shots. Bun B and the suspect exchanged shots with each other, but it was Bun B’s bullets which connected with the suspect reportedly hitting him in the shoulder. The intruder was ran away leaving the car and his gun behind. Bun B reportedly pursued the suspect, catching up to him and ripping his mask off.

Suspect was still able to get away. However, he was apprehended hours later after he showed to a hospital for treatment of his gun shot wound. After being treated for his wounds- the man was arrested. He is know as 20 year old DeMonte Jackson. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of burglary.

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