Sacramento “Karen” Gets Slapped And Punched Like A Pizza Dough After Calling Black Woman A N*gg*r

Black woman and Karen

A woman who has been crowned as the latest Karen thought it was a good idea to call a black woman a n*gg*r at a 7/11 location in Sacramento. Karen received  a product tossed to her head after calling the black woman in the store a n*gg*r as an argument between the two erupted.

The white woman dubbed Sacramento Karen was warned not to say the n-word again or she would get a beating. Clearly, Karen thought her offensive and self-defense skills were in tack or that the black woman was bluffing-because she called the woman a n*gg*r again. The black woman wasted no time in charging at Karen; knocking her up like a punching bag.

Karen after getting beat down to the floor dared to yell out after for someone to call 911. The name Karen has been given to female individuals exhibiting racist behaviors with self-entitlement all while being ignorant of their surroundings of the facts. If your birth name is Karen, we’re sorry.