Scary Moment As Masked Gun Men Target 28 Years Old For Assignation

Masked Gun Men Shootin In Brooklyn

A scary moment unfolded on the neighborhood street in Brooklyn as almost half a dozen masked gun men jumped from several cars opening fire on a 28 years old. The moment appearing to be a planned target for assignation had neighbors running into their house as the shooting went down. Reportedly, and shockingly- the 28 years that was targeted and allegedly shot 5 times survived the assignation attempt.

When you first watch the video, you wonder how crazy can these gun men be to drive to a scene with their license plates exposed. But, it is clear that the gun men were no idiots. According to New York Police department chief, Rodney Harrison- the gun men used a stolen license plate. With mask on and wearing a hoodie- it will not be an easy task for law enforcement to nab the suspects. The NYPD put out the below video in hopes that someone may recognize any of the suspects.

Spotted: New York Daily News