Senator Harry Reid Reveals Decades Of Government UFO Cover-Up In New Documentary

Senatory Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid is out of politics, so he is now freely speaking about unidentified flying objects in our skies far more advance than our flying aircrafts. The senator reveals a cover up by a deeper force within the government that he even as a senator is not privy to. Its long been said we are alone in this world, but decades of evidence have shown otherwise. Crashes of advanced crafts have been reported, and as one investigates the situation there is a push back of one not having enough clearance to know.

Tealisted have long known that UFOs have long monitored and interfered with U.S. military nuclear sites. The other worldly crafts flown by beings from another world have long being reported as them demonstrating their powers to shut off and on nuclear weapons. It was even reported that nuclear codes for launching weapons were changed by UFOs.

The message clearly demonstrated by beings from another world was clear. They are reportedly thousands of years more advanced than us, so if they were here in our world for evil intentions then they would have displayed this already. Despite revealing the a cover-up on UFOs- Senator Reid is quite naïve. He says

Should we at least be spending some money to study all these phenomenon. Should we study this stuff this stuff. The answer is yes. Thats all this was about- and why the federal government all these years have covered up. Put brake pads on everything. Stop it. I think its very, very bad for our country.

Regarding the government cover-up on UFOs, the senator was asked if he is saying most of the UFO evidence have not been revealed to the world, Senator Reid said this:

I am saying most of it hasn seen the light of day.

What Senator Reid doesn’t understand is that much is known about beings from other worlds. He just needs to do his own investigative works, and political connections to get this information. Information just has not been relayed to him. The UFO situation is so sensitive that the our most modern presidents are said to not be in the Need To Know of visitors to our planets from other worlds. Deep investigations reveal that reasons for not revealing to the world of aliens is concerns of panics.

Religions would be in question. Some beings are said to look exactly like us, and can easy infiltrate our society. Then there are beings who are telepathic in knowing ones thoughts. This all just brings into reality that not only are we not alone in this world, but that there are a host of beings created before us.