Update: Shooting At Raptors Parade Dampens Event, Parade Festivities Shut Down Early

There was a shooting at the Toronto Raptors Parade as the team were on stage with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau along with other politicians and other V.I.P’s. Two people were reportedly shot. One woman was shot, and the sex of the other person allegedly shot is unclear. The shooting didn’t occur at the parade end spot, which was Nathan Philip Square. However, it was close enough though to send a large of people crowd running into that direction. Some people were knocked over and stepped on in the process. Raptors’ announcer Matt Devlin interrupted the chairman of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, Larry Tanenbum at the 0:50 mark, strategically saying there is an emergency situation at hand:

People fleeing as they heard gun shots left behind their bags, shoes and clothing as the clapping of gun shots went off. Reports are that some parents ran off leaving their children behind. Two suspects were chased down by police as they tried to enter Queen Station, and were arrested.Two guns were reportedly recovered off of both suspects. The two individuals who were shot are in serious injury, but stable. Close to the parade, two men were also stabbed. Police believe that individuals looking to kill their enemies see large events as the best way to target their enemies. They believe that a targeted killing was attempted today at the Raptors Parade. Bystanders unfortunately become the causality of the situation in being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cold blooded shooters don’t care about the lost in the life of innocence. The Prime Minster, Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Doug Ford along with the Raptors team and officials remained on the stage at Nathan Philip Square as police pursued the shooters blocks away. The Stage at Nathan Philips Square was the safest place at the parade at the time of the shooting- due to all the police surrounding the stage. Due to the shootings- the Parade festivities were shut down early. Sad, because Drake was reportedly going to perform six songs. See the moment below Police officers took down one of the suspects in the shooting case: