State Of The World In 2020 Still Expected As The Same In 2021

The quick wishes and washes away of 2020 is sounded loud as everyone swing into 2021. The year has been ravished with the Coronavirus pandemic with many lives lost- lock-downs and stay at home demands by governments in fear of the spread of the virus.

Vaccines have been produced to combat COVID-19- so naturally there is hope for a better year, and many believe a different summer. Experts have said they don’t see a change in the wave of the Coronavirus until the middle of July. This has been reportedly based on how many of the population has received the vaccine combating the virus.

The belief is that a  herd community can be created making it difficult for the COVID-19 to jump from one host to another. So, essentially we are looking at 2021 to be pretty much like 2020. The quick thought that COVID-19 will drop off quickly from the state it is at in the world right now is too hopeful. 2021 is coming, but unfortunately looking like much like 2020. As one former top scientist put it…we will never be normal again without a Coronavirus vaccine. The question is still out as to how effective the vaccines against Coronavirus is.

Thoughts? Do you believe 2021 will be a different year where everything is back to normal?