This Is Not The Answer To Squash Racism Against Black People In America; Police Officer Beaten Up

Police Officer attacked in New York

A New York police officer was attacked like a dog in the street by a bunch of hoodlums. The helpless officer down balancing himself seemingly on his knee took several hit from an object tossed at him while another person appeared to be holding him as the damage is done. It’s this kind of a mess that will only make police officers more trigger happy in gunning down black people.

Police are already nervous, and intimidated when dealing with black people. This kind of a mess in an officer being attacked will only add more problems to their trigger fingers. Attacking a police officer solves nothing. It only justifies more action for lethal force to be used.

Sad thing is: that may have been one of the best officer on the force seeing everyone as one, understanding and lenient. Yes, you may have never met this officer, but there are some good police officers out there. We cannot say they are all bad for one or several experiences you may have had.