Toronto Police Searching For Suspects Knocking Toronto Lawyer On Conscious On New Years Day

toronto lawyer david shellnut laying on conscious outside after being punched

Two men beat up and knocked a lawyer on conscious at Queen Street West and Bathurst in Toronto are being sought by Toronto Police. Reportedly, the lawyer, David Shellnut and his female companion said to be his girlfriend were walking along the sidewalk at 12:30am. According to Police detective Scott Allan, Shellnut’s aggressors may have made disrespectful comments towards the woman he was travelling with, which erupted the situation to a violent confrontation. Shellnut was seen running out of video shot with a bag of garbage and said to have thrown it at the the blue Dodge Charger carrying the two men.

Two men then came from the car rushing Shellnut, beating on him until one man landed a punch that sent Shellnut to the ground with him hitting his head on the concrete ground, which placed him on conscious and in a coma in the hospital. As Shellnut laid conscious, the second man came over and punched him in the face and then casually walked off. Detective Allan speaking on the incident:

The suspects being sought:

The sad thing about this assault on this Toronto lawyer that could have killed him is that he was in the power seat to avoid the assault by just walking away. But, the problem with men even those who are powerful is that they often feel the need to show their masculinity. Case in point with this lawyer defending the honor of the woman he was with. The basics of life lawyer David Shellnut didn’t follow… “stick and stones may break his bones but names will never hurt. “

Lawyer David Shellnut is now reportedly in recovery stage.