Toronto’s Politician, Doug Ford Swallows Bee During Press Conference; News Anchor Swallows Fly

Ford Swallowing Bee

Life comes with risk, and talking in the words used is not the only risk of what is to come, but also the opening of the mouth for things that may enter. Premier Doug Ford of Ontario, Canada giving a press conference choked in his tracks as a bee entered his mouth forcing him to hawk several times in hopes of bringing up the bee which entered his mouth.

Too late though. The bee has already gone down too far in the premier’s throat. Ford quickly drank some water washing the loan been down, which we are sure will be killed by the natural acidic actions within our body.


Then there is Toronto news anchor Farah Nasser swallowing a fly- which many of us have been bothered by. Nasser was asked if she did swallow the fly. The news anchor confirmed that she indeed swallow the fly because she felt it.

She also acknowledged that the fly didn’t hit her teeth. The little bugger made a swish into her mouth straight down her throat. You can see the uncomfortable gulp by Nasser as it was clear she swallowed something as she delivered the news- which we all now know was a fly.

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