Toure Neblett In Hot Water Over Past Crude Allegations

Toure Neblett, 47 is known for his journalism, but no one would have guessed that Toure reportedly repeatedly sexually harassed his former work colleague, Dani a make-up artist. Dani says that Toure’s sexual harassment consisted of him repeatedly asking her to do anal. And, Dani says Toure went on in saying that he imagined what it must be like to have his semen all over her face, and seeing her naked.

Dani goes on to further claim that she came out displaying who Toure really is as she believes he is a hypocrite by speaking out on the R Kelly situation where multiple women have made allegations of sexual assault against the entertainer, but Toure himself speaking like someone in disgust is also a sexual predator so claims Dani as well. After the allegations against Toure surface, the journalist released this statement:

“On the show, our team, including myself, engaged in edgy, crass banter, that at the time I did not think was offensive for our tight-knit group. I am sorry for my language and for making her feel uncomfortable in any way. As a lead on the show, I should have refrained from this behavior. I have learned and grown from this experience.”

So, surprising of a man that portrays himself as respectful, considerate and disgusted of anything less. It was just days ago we saw Toure Neblett appear on CNN speaking on R Kelly recalling an interview years ago he conducted with the entertainer where he recalled asking what he stated was a “soft ball” question to the singer which was if he likes teenage girls. R Kelly’s response on whether if he likes teenage girls was this:

When you say teenage girls, how old are we talking?

Toure’s responded in saying:

Girls who are teenagers.

R Kelly then responded in saying:

19? I have some 19 year old friends, but I have some 19 year old friends. But I don’t like anyone illegal if that’s what we are talking about, underage.

Since allegations have surfaced on allegations of sexual harassment against Toure- actor Terry Crews whom he had an arranged interview to conduct with decided to cancel.

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