Trump Digs A Whole For Himself Saying He Will Say That Speech Again Having His Supporters March To Capital Hill

Trump speaks after Capital Hill riots

It was as stupid as you expected in Trump explaining that entire Capital Hill riot which left many injured and 5 people dead. The president essentially said that he indeed is responsible for the chaos in activating his hard-core supporters with lies about election fraud-which lead them to storm Capital Hill. The president is on the verge  of another impeachment- and this time with some Republican support.

Trump spewing his mouth recently of the riot at Capital Hill that will go down as a significant part in his of the United States provided the Democrats with more power to impeach him. And, made it more difficult for his party, the GOP to support him.

Amazing, Trump is still not wearing a face mask. Even after once contracting COVID-19. Yes, the subject is a controversial issue on whether mask protect or not. But, would you not want something covering your mouth from your virus droplets entering. Its been said that zones engaging in the law of having the public wear facial mask has resulted in significant drops in COVID-19 cases…so the mask must be doing something.