Trump Says Doctors Told Him He Is Now Immune Against COVID-19

Trump at Florida rally 2020

The infection rate involving the Coronavirus continues to rise, but you would never know it in watching President Trump at his latest rally in Florida. The president as you know was tested positive for Coronavirus, and at his age- death is is said to be more apparent at his door.

However, being the president- he is has the luxury of having the best health-care and team of doctors. Trump made an uncommon quick recovery since being tested for COVID-19. Just days after being admitted into a hospital for testing- the president returned to the White House taking his mask off as he downplayed the Coronavirus.

Trump never missed a beat at his campaign rally in Florida where he told the crowd he was immune, and felt powerful that he could just kiss everyone. It sounds unreal- but this is your president. Fast forward to the 1:44 mark to listen to the Trump’s ramble.