Trump’s Impeachment Even Has Geraldo Rivera; His Long Time Friend In Agreement

Trump and Geraldo

President Donald Trump’s impeachment for the second time sees the president never to every again hold office. Even the most loyal Trump supporter should look at the president’s latest actions where he told his supporters to go to Capital Hill and create chaos.

People died. People got injured. Politicians lives where in jeopardy as Trump’s supporters searched for them while screaming out threats. Some chants were heard ranging from hang Mike Pence to demands being made for Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being brought before them. The scene was horrific, terrifying and a low point in America.

But, if you ask Trump- we bet he would say it was all justified. It says a lot when even the President’s buddy, Geraldo Rivera who stood on many issues with the president is calling his latest incitement which led to Capital Hill impeachable. Rivera said:

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