Two People Arrested For Following Through On Storming Government Secret Base In Search Of Aliens

Area 51 has long been believed to be a government secret location where beings from other worlds are working with a dark government(officially not registered to the public). One that the U.S. president is said to not have the need to know about. Area 51 is said to have secret entry levels where beings and U.S. military personnel enter working in secret. Test flights of flying saucers are said to often be spotted in flight out in the desert. People have long reported seeing strange lights in the skies at night. An internet joke four months ago on Facebook by Matty Roberts calling for the storming of area 51 was taken seriously by half a million people. Roberts post said:

“I posted the Area 51 Facebook event at about 2am on June 27,” Mr Roberts told the BBC. “It was totally a joke from the get-go. There was just a tonne of attention out of nowhere and it was awesome.”

The government paid Roberts a visit questioning him about his movement. Roberts says the government agents could not have been nicer, and understood he was just screwing around, and not serious of storming area 51. But, try telling that to the half a million people that have said they plan storming the secret military base. The government for their part says they are prepared to handle any situation that may arise when he comes to security breach. The Facebook created by Roberts said:

Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”.

Two people have already been arrested so far for taking the Storm Area 51 by action. The trespassers, two dutch YouTubers who traveled all the way from the Netherlands with hopes of “joining the Storm Area 51 movement¬† were arrested. The two could be facing anywhere from 6 months in prison to a $500 fine face both punishments.