Vampire Facial Craze Gets Two People Infected With HIV

Kim Kardashian doing Vampire Facial

Two people are suspected of being infected with HIV after engaging in the Vampire Facial at a Mexico Spa. The Vampire Facial essentially is an action that has been taken on in an effort to have that youthful skin. From The Independent:

It essentially involves taking the blood from a patient, processing it in a centrifuge to extract the plasma – which contains platelets and growth factors – and then re-injecting it into the face, says Dr McKeown.

The Mexican Spa where two individuals are said to have contracted HIV has now been closed, and the health department are offering free testing for former patients. Exposure of HIV has not been found elsewhere other than their injection procedure at the Mexican spa.

From USA Today:

Additional laboratory testing on specimens from the two clients indicates recent infection with the same HIV virus – increasing the likelihood that the two HIV infections may have resulted from a procedure at the VIP spa,” state health officials said in a statement.

Ladies, be happy with the natural beauty your creator has given you. Altering your body in any form can cost you your life or leave you in an disabled state. It’s not worth it.

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