Verdict In George Floyd’s Case Finds Former Police Officer Guilty

Derek Chauvin

A guilty verdict in the George Floyd case has been handed down to former police officer, Derek Chauvin. The former Minneapolis officer was found guilty on three counts; Second Degree Unintentional murder, Third Degree Murder, and Second Degree Manslaughter. Chauvin was charged for stifling out Floyd’s oxygen levels by holding his knee to the late 46 years Old’s neck. This ultimately killed Floyd on the scene. Chauvin had many chances to halt his actions to prevent Floyd from dying, but refused to let up in releasing his knee off Floyd’s neck. 46 years old Floyd expressed to Chauvin that he could not breath.

Chauvin refused to release his knee from his neck. Chauvin’s fellow officers suggested turning Floyd over to his side instead of having his knee to his neck. Chauvin instead during the moment said that Floyd will stay put where he was below the pressing of his knee. The jury deliberated for 10 hour before coming to their decision in finding the former Minneapolis veteran police officer guilty of all three counts for the death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. The actions of Chauvin in irresponsibly retraining Floyd with his knee to his neck for 9:21 was recorded by many onlookers.

The case to Floyd’s death was reportedly set off after he expressed to the officers on scene that he was claustrophobic- and refused to enter the back seat of the police cruiser. Motions by Chauvin was then put in place, which could have been easily avoided but resulted in taking the life of an already restrained Floyd who was already in handcuffs.

Many believe the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin is a change in the justice system to police brutality. Sadly, this may very well, highly likely will not be the last case of black men and women lives being taken due to police brutality. Chauvin’s fate now is in the judge’s hands in how many years in faces in prison. The former Minneapolis police officer is facing 40 years in prison- and a minimum of 10 years.