Why The Government Is Not Releasing Cocktail Of Drugs To Hospitals For COVID Patient That Saved Trump’s Life Within Days

Coronavirus lab

We are rounding two years in fighting the Coronavirus with no apparent success. It has surprised many that in the modern world we now live in that a successful vaccine without the risk of taking ones life has yet to be developed. So, the conspiracy talks has continue to rise. Former president, Donald Trump who contracted COVID-19 during his presidency received a cocktail of different doses of vaccines to fight against the virus. In days Trump was discharged from the hospital expressing how he felt better. Now, remember- this was all before the full rollout of the over half a dozen COVID-19 experimental vaccines to squash the virus.

Lives have been lost, and some people have ended up in the intensive care unit in hospitals battling for their life. Some people have reportedly been having behaviors resembling that of Parkinson after taking one of the COVID-19 vaccine. The reality has been that it’s not known on how effective these COVID-19 experimental vaccines will be at all or on variants. Now, it’s being said by one pharmaceutical giant that a yearly shot maybe required to fight against Coronavirus

We surely do have our picks at what experimental vaccine we would like injected into our bodies to “prevent us” from getting COVID. But, why has Trump’s cocktail of vaccines not in the list of rollouts to the public to select as their option?