Woman Wins $21.5 Million Lawsuit Against Hotel Forcing Her To Work On Sundays

hotel worker jean pierre who won 21.5 million reward in court against employer for being forced to work on sundays

A hotel worker forced to work Sundays was awarded $21.5 million dollars after having taken her case to court which convinced a federal jury. 60 year old Hatian, Jean Marie Pierre from the day she was hired at Hilton’s Miami Conrad(formerly known as Hilton World Wide) explained that should could not work Sundays as she was a devoted church goer. Pierre’s explained that her Sundays were busy due to her religious beliefs to attend Bethel Baptish Church in Northern Miami-Dade County.

Pierre who worked as a dishwasher stated that despite telling management from the beginning that she couldn’t work Sundays that they began scheduling her to work Sunday in 2009. After coming to an understanding with management of her not being able to work on Sundays due to her love for God on Sundays and spending this day to display her gratitude to the higher power- management respect Pierre’s wishes and left her off the schedule on Sundays.

In 2015 the problem of Pierre’s employer started again with them placing her to work on Sundays again, and this time despite her remind her again that she cannot work on Sundays- they didn’t care. They fired Pierre. Pierre was fired for negligence, unexcused absence, and misconduct. On Tuesday, The U.S. District Court in Miami stated that the Hilton was in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The hotel was ordered to pay back wages to Pierre of $35,000, and to pay her $500,000 for mental anguish and in addition for mental pain.

Reports are that Pierre will not see that $21 million dollars. Defendants, the Hilton Miami Conrad in this case will most likely end up paying out $835,000 to Pierre, because punitive damages are said to be focused on teaching defendants a lesson rather than being based on harm suffered. Its said that of the $21 million Pierre was awarded- there is a federal court limit of $300,000. The jury in the case is said to have not been aware of this. Still, Pierre will never have to wash anymore dishes.