Youtube Star Austin Jones Gets 10 Year Prison Sentence For Enticing Underage Girls In Sending Him Explicit Videos Of Themselves

Youtuber Austin Jones

Youtube star- 26 years old Austin Jones was sentence to 10 years in prison for enticing underage females. Jones requested sexually explicit videos of females to him. Jones admitted to his disgusting actions of engaging with underage girls on Facebook between 2016 and 2017. He used the tactic of his fame in persuading the girls to send him the disturbing videos of themselves.

The Youtube star essentially promised underage females things such as helping them grow their Instagram followers making them famous. Jones went so far in deceiving females in telling them that the explicit photos are for modelling opportunities. Jones admitted to his plan of convincing girls to send him images filled with sexually heightened actions. The girls Jones was sending photos to were 14 years old.

Jones says that there were never any nudes nor physical contact with the females. Jones rose to fame as a musician on his Youtube channel. The controllers over at Youtuber who decide if channels run or not decided to shut down Jones’ Youtube channel. Youtube first declined to shut down Jones’ channel. Youtube originally stated that Jones’ channel didn’t violate the terms of usage of the channel in its content.

However, seemingly under pressure- Youtube decided in the end to shut down Jones’ Youtube channel. Is it correct that Youtube shut down Jones’ channel when they themselves said he didn’t violate the content policy of his channel ? Should Jones’ audience not be the decider in whether he gains or loses interest?

Jones’ sentencing of 10 years in prison will give him some serious time to think about his actions. We don’t however don’t expect Jones to serve all 10 years of his sentencing. We expect that he will serve approximately 4-6 years before being released.

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