YouTuber Jake Paul’s House Currently Being Searched By FBI

Jake Paul

YouTuber-Jake Paul got a knock at his door by the FBi, and they are at his mansion searching it. FBI searching the YouTuber’s house comes as no surprise as Jake is known to engage in a lot of stupidity questionable under the law. When you live on risk- it is only a matter of time before authorities come knocking.

A warrant was issued to search the YouTuber’s home. As of right now it is not known as to what he did wrong or if he was home during the search of his property. Jake recently received bags of criticism for having a party during the Coronavirus pandemic. How the YouTuber responded to criticism around his in-sensitivity during the time of COVID-19 where thousands have died had this to say:

“I don’t know what to think of it, to be honest. I don’t think anyone really does,” Paul told Insider. “No one has answers, our leadership is failing us, and everyone kind of just doesn’t know what to do. But I personally am not the type of person who’s gonna sit around and not live my life.”