50 Cent Doesn’t Care If Trump Doesn’t Like Black People; Biden’s High Taxes Are Worse

50 Cent and Trump

Former rapper 50 Cent doesn’t care if the case is that Trump doesn’t like black people. As far as the rapper turned businessman is concerned- Biden’s taxes are too high, and he is willing seemingly to suffer the wrath of racism against black people over paying out a crap load in taxes yearly. 50 Cent is well known for his crazy smack talks only to later say he was joking.

This is long known as one of his tactics in drawing attention to his brand, and social media always falls for it. But, this latest comment in 50 Cent being in support of Trump due to Biden’s high taxes may just be some serious talk to the voting poll by the rapper.

If there is one thing I learn about rich people and that is…they HATE any sort of spike in taxes that will pull serious dough out there pockets. 50 Cent is no different than the everyday wealthy celebrity. 50 Cent is worried of a Biden’s 62% tax proposal on the rich, essentially to help the less fortunate and of course the government.

In reality, Biden’s tax proposal is said to be a tax hike of 39.8% of only income of $400,000 made in a year.  Then, the first $400,000 made within that year would be taxed at less than 39%. Why 50 Cent would be be even upset at this and blowing Biden’s tax hike out of proportion as it appears would be simply the case of the rich loving their money with no desire to share. Just days ago, 50 Cent expressed his support for Trump to the shock of many as he said:

“WHAT THE F***! (VOTE For TRUMP) IM OUT,” Fiddy wrote on Instagram on Monday. He added: “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f****ing mind.”

And if anyone thought the rapper was joking of his support for Trump- he sent out another message saying:

“Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent,” he captioned the post. “62% is a very, very, bad idea. i don’t like it!”

As many are fuming at 50 Cent’s support for Trump over lower tax cost- radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God had this to say:

“I can’t choose that over my finances. My finances might just have to take a hit. We got to get that fascism out of the White House. I’m not mad at 50, honestly, 50 just said out loud what a lot of people were thinking. When I saw that, I thought that. I didn’t think I would vote for Trump, but I was like, Jesus Christ, I live in New Jersey and work in New York. I’m getting hit in both states. “