America Watches As Afghanistan Falls Into Taliban’s Hands

Afghan war

Afghanistan is back to square one after America sat and watched as the country got overrun by Taliban fighters. Lets remember America invaded Afghanistan on the premise that the world’s most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden who they claim orchestrated the September 11th attacks was in Afghanistan. According to America, Bin Laden at the time was receiving safe haven from the Taliban.

The Bush administration was successful with might of their powerful military bulldozing all Taliban fighters in their path as they invaded Afghanistan and sent many other fighters on the run. The presence of America within the country never completely eliminated the Taliban despite killing many of their fighters, but rather kept them at bay.

The Taliban wasted no time in coming out from their hiding positions as the last batch of the American military made their way out of the country. As innocent lives are struck down as the Taliban mowed their way through the country taking control of each region they move through- President Joe Biden said that the Afghan government must fight back in keeping peace in their country. Protest across the world to the chaos, brutality and takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban sees crying for super power nations to help.

This is what militaries are built for but in these times one is lucky if a government activates their military to help the unarmed, innocent and a nation in bad need of security to wash out a system lacking freedom. Unfortunately,  governments often only engage in situations militarily if there is a benefit in short or long-term run for them. America can easily stop the pain an suffering ongoing in Afghanistan.

The American position to the Afghanistan government that they need to defend themselves to survive is an unacceptable one. Sure, they must defend themselves, but let us remember they are a baby country in terms of democracy. The minds of a nation of the majority that has been locked for decades is just only being unlocked now to all the possibilities of knowledge to a world they have been blocked to. So, with that said- 20 years is not enough time for a country as Afghanistan to be left alone to fight their own wars against militia. Afghanistan is a nation which needs an American presents for 50 to 100 years.

Having an American base within the country with 100,000 troops always present would be ideal- which can keep the peace and act as a strike team in the event of threats to democracy. The American government watching has Afghanistan fall to the Taliban is not only an Afghan problem- but rather a world problem. Its long been said that criminals and terrorist groups are given protection in Afghanistan. So, how can the American government not believe that what happens in Afghanistan is also their problem. What is also mind boggling is the billions America invested in their war in Afghanistan- and other resources to now just sit and watch it all squander away with no care. Afghan president and diplomats have run out of the country the Taliban now has full control.

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