Donald Trump Refuses To Shake Nancy Pelosi’s Hand At State Of The Union Address; Pelosi Rips Up His Speech

Trump refuses Pelosi's hand shake

President Donald Trump snubs Nancy Pelosi by not shaking her reaching out hand at his State Of The Union address. You can hate Trump all you want, but you cannot deny that he is as real as they come when it comes to presidents. Trump makes no secrets about not liking someone, and he doesn’t shy away from making it publicly known.

As the Democrats lead by Nancy Pelosi are trying to knock Trump out of power via an impeachment trial…it’s no surprise Trump refuse to shake Pelosi’s hand. The moment served as both an awkward and embarrassing moment for Pelosi. The Democrats we can bet will take up this issue as disrespectful, but Trump we bet will say that he didn’t see Pelosi’s hand out.

Pelosi, quick on her feet- found a way to strike back at Trump for not shaking her hand by ripping up his speech. The case of an eye for an eye it looks like.

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