Election Results Continue To Slowly Pour In With President Elect Decision Pending

Biden and Trump

Americans, and the world are glued to their televisions as they await the news on whether Trump will be reelected. The question on whether Americans will rehire Trump as their leader into the future or whether they have had enough of him.

The choice is clear. Joe Biden for president or Donald Trump. Both presidential candidates indeed have their own views on what America should look like going forward. And, like every other presidential candidates before them- Americans will run to the voting polls on who they see best to lead the country. Now, this 2020 Presidential race is nothing like we have seen before.

It is that of a U.S. President running for re-election who has insulted his current staff. Previous staff. News anchors, and members of his own party along with his staff have all felt the public insults of Trump. As of when this post was written, Biden sits at 264 electoral votes to Trump sitting at 214. 270 is what is needed to be declared as President Elect.