Explaining Black Lives Matter In Response To The Ignorance Of All Lives Matter And White Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The movement of Black Lives Matter is not to discredit white lives. There has been sporadic belting by some caucasions shouting White Lives Matter to counter the Black Lives Matter movement. What they don’t see is that this kind of action is viewed as racist. Many African Americans view the shout of White Lives matter as dismissing their attention to injustice. Education is important. One belting White Lives Matter is a person who is not educated on the history of slavery, racism, injustice and inequality against black people. Unlike black people, the lives of white people have mattered in all these areas for as long as we can remember.

We cannot recall the consistent gunning down of white people by police officers on a yearly high rate. In regards to a fair shake in life- white people have more than received the opportunities frequently not given to black people. Doors to success are consistently opened for white people. No other culture feels racism, hate crimes and death rates based on hate as black people do. Saying Black Lives Matter is to say that our lives are as important to that of white people and others. It’s not to say that the lives of white people don’t matter.

Anyone spewing White Lives Matter clearly has not educated his or herself on history. Reviewing the death rate of causcasions versus black people at the hands of the system may have someone think twice before shouting White Lives Matter. Random shouting of All Lives Matter also is ignorant to spew. There is one life which continually faces the threat of termination, harassment, and assault. Its well known this is the life of black people. So, there is shout reminding the system that we are beings too whose life should be respected as others. If you are one gearing up to say White Lives Matter to All Lives Matter– and or already saying this- then, it is time you read up on the history of crimes against black people by the system.