Government Shut Down Cardi B Style Response

cardi b comments on government shut down

The Government shut down is rounding 30 days, and Cardi B is in the mix. The former stripper turned reality show star turned rapper jumped on social media to remind us all how long the government has been shut down. You would think Cardi B would be somewhere on a stage twerking her butt or feuding with someone, but no.

In video, the rapper defends former president Barack Obama for shutting down the government when he was president for his healthcare fight. The cost of government shut down always affects the lives of those living pay check to pay check. Government officials fail always to see the reality- which only affects public worker’s pockets and the public overall.

Trump and Obama have both had their government shut downs now. No one wins, and I always wonder who came up with this idea of implementation. Government is suppose to be for the people by the people, but seeing what is happening looks like it is for by the government for the government. A government shut down is never good.

Doesn’t matter if you like Obama or Trump or what the cause is for. Trump’s government shut down has forced some government workers and military moms to seek food aid and financial aid of others. All this government shut down over a wall Trump would like to build between the U.S. and Mexico. Cardi B is right on that.

Reports have been that Trump’s wall can cost between $30-70 billion dollars. Trump wants the democrats to give him 5.6 billion towards building his wall. Democrats have reportedly said they will give him $2.6 billion for the wall. $2.6 billion to go towards building the wall is not good enough for Trump. Government lock down still on until a party blinks first.

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