Haitian President Killed: Shot 12 Times, Eye Gouged Out; Over 20 Suspects Involved, 7 Killed, 6 Detained

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse

The bold assignation of the Haitian President (Jovenel Moïse, 53 years old) at his house by armed men brings many to ask how can this so easily happen to a PRESIDENT. Does he not have bodyguards? How can the assassins with no push back or injuries on their side kill the Haitian president, and walk out with no scratch. The gunning down of the Haitian leader with ease smells of something fishy that being highly suspecting of an inside job. The assassins not only shot Moïse 12 times, but in addition to that they gouged out one of his eyes. That screams for no rush for time.

Its said that over 20 people were involved in the preparation and killing of the Moïse. All suspects are foreigners. Leaving more questions to be answered as to the motive for killing Moïse. The organized group which is being labelled as commandos- and in some cases as professionals displayed personal feelings of hate by the gouging out of one of Moïse’s eye.

Haitian authorities have shot and killed seven suspects they say who were trying to flee the scene. They also say they have arrested 6 other suspects. The ages of all those involved in killing the Moïse range from age 35 to 55 years old. The attackers are said to be Spanish and English speaking men. Allegedly, the attackers who were heavily armed got one over on Moïse’s security detail by presenting themselves as DEA agents.

The first lady, Martine Moïse who was also shot was airlifted to the United States(Miami Memorial Hospital) in critical condition. She is 47 years old. Moïse was viewed as a dictator by many Haitians. Calls for Moïse resignation in 2019 became louder. Political unrest ensued in a country where a presentation of an already unstable country was clear.

The Biden administration speaking on the killing of the Haitian president said:

We condemn this heinous attack and I am sending my sincere wishes for First Lady Moise’s recovery. The United States offers condolences to the people of Haiti and we stand ready to assist as we continue to work for a safe and secure Haiti.

Adding more to reporters, he said:

We need a lot more information but it’s just, it’s very worrisome about the state of Haiti.

Joseph Claude has stepped in the position as the interim President of Haiti. From Haitian Times:

Haiti’s current 1987 constitution states that the vice president of the court, or the next-highest official on the court, would be temporarily granted the powers of the presidency. However, the 1987 Constitution states that the National Assembly needs to confirm the appointment.